Friday, September 20, 2013

Chryslers in the Canyon V: Have You Seen Us in Mopar Muscle?

Hopefully you have been staying busy this Summer, but as Fall rolls around and the days get shorter there is more time to sit back and enjoy some print publications to get your Mopar fix.

And, if you have been doing just that, you likely noticed Chryslers in the Canyon V listed in the last few copies of Mopar Muscle!  If not, check it out here...

This is the November 2013 Cover...It is on newsstands now for $5.99:

If you turn to Page 79, you will find a listing for 
Chryslers in the Canyon V:

Not too shabby, eh?

Please remember to keep spread the word about Chryslers in the Canyon.  This is a true, grassroots event and we get the best turnout by word of mouth from past attendees.  That said, many thanks to Mopar Muscle for taking the time to include us in the listings!

If you can't find the magazine locally, you can get an e-subscription online.  Just head over to Mopar Muscle's website and take in all your options:

If you're a subscriber, let them know you want MMM at CIC V to enjoy it with you!  Chrysler Power will be there ;)

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