Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Show Field Videos

Here is an assortment of videos from this year's Chryslers in the Canyon...

Thanks to Jamie, we have a full, detailed walk through video of the show field in the late afternoon:

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Show Field Walk Around

I made a very quick walk down the aisles when I was thinking that is all we might have time for...luckily that was not the case, but since it was recorded, I figured it just as well be posted:

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Show Field Walk (Fast)

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Drive-Thru Video by TexasMopars

This one was sent in by Belden (TexasMopars) and was shot from his mobile Mopar you might have seen casing the lot from time-to-time.

If you've got any videos to share feel free to send them in...we will post them and give you credit for the media.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV: Drive-In Video

As you have come to expect with Chryslers in the Canyon, here is a drive-in video that features a few of the Mopars rolling in for the big show:

Panning with HD Camera

GoPro HD Fixed Camera:

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from this great event!  You don't want to miss them!  If you have any pictures or videos you would like to share, please feel free to send them in...we will give you credit for the submission.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Winners

Here is a list of Winners from Chryslers in the Canyon IV.  We had a great turnout and the most difficult part of the show was simply selecting the winners as we had so many top-notch and deserving Mopars on hand.

All of the pictures below came from our pro-photographer Della Moyer.  You can order these shots from her Smugmug account.  Here is the link:!i=2150866232&k=prvtHfg

I may go ahead and make a video of the winners as well...Stay tuned for that!

As always, thanks to everyone who came out, the staff who worked so hard and put in the time and money to make this possible, Wayne at Bubba's Tees for the on-site shirts, Della for taking the pics and D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engine's for sponsoring the dash plaques.

Long Hauler: Kevin (Rednug), 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T 

Park Ranger's Pick: Charlie, 1961 Plymouth Fury

Most Photogenic Mopar: Michelle, 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T "Gnarley"

Forgotten Mopar: Brian, 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T

Martin M Blues Man Award: Graham, 1968 Plymouth GTX

Garnier Albus Memorial Award: Roy, 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T

Jon Wolfe Memorial Restomod Award: Rodney, 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 440+6

Mondini Automotive Best Paint & Body: Bill, 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines Best Engine: Warren,  1967 Plymouth Satellite

Canon's Pick: Dillon, 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine: Belden 1968 Dodge Dart

Founder's Pick: Joe, 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

Best of Show New Challenger, Stock: Mike,  2011 Dodge Challenger SRT

Best of Show New Challenger, Modified: Lance, Mopar 10

Best E-Body: Ed, 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T

Best B-Body: Larry and Pat, 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

Best A-Body: Kenny, 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger

Best Pre-65 Mopar: Charlie, 1961 Plymouth Fury

GPMM Pick: Ed, 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T

Chrysler Powrer Magazine Best Modern Mopar: Kevin, 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T

Chrysler Power Magazine Best Classic Mopar: Joe, 1968 Dodge Dart GTS

AAM Pick Best Truck: Richard & Rosetta, 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express

AAM Pick Best Modern Mopar: Tom, 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T

AAM Pick Best Muscle Mopar: Jimmy, 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T

AAM Pick Best of Show: George, Dodge Viper

CIC IV Post Event Wrap-Up

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the show was a great time and aside from the occasional gust it turned out to be a very nice day.

We had folks from all over the region and a big thanks to anyone who made the trip in from out-of-town.

Wayne was there bright and early and if you missed him, or want extra shirts here is the link to his site:

Della took a ton of pics and as usual worked overtime to get them all uploaded for your viewing and ordering enjoyment:!i=2150866232&k=prvtHfg

Please keep in mind that Della come out to the canyon and takes all those pictures for FREE.  She sees nothing in terms of money unless people order in pictures.  So if you see something you like, please consider ordering it in from her store.  I have ordered in the past and the prints are great quality, are packed well, and ship fast.  For your future reference here is a forum post that shows not only the link to this year's photos ,but those from previous events as well:

We were aware of the WT Homecoming Parade, but never dreamed they wouldn't allow the cars onto the unused portions of the lot...especially when they look like they could be parade rides etc.

The park staff was once again very supportive on the show and really enjoys having us come out...testament to that is the fact they fought to get us in for $3 instead of $5.  It was news to me when we checked in and although not what we had planned for, it was a step in the right direction.

The pavilion was super nice and all we heard were good things.  I think the outdoor space was appreciated very much as were the restrooms.  We had several members pitch in to help reserve the pavilion and they all deserve our thanks: blcd74, photo_nut, hotrod_340, jdr2483, TexasStroker, LPL70, B5R/T, gfviperman, and moparman63.

Also thanks to Jody (jdr2483) and an anonymous donor for really pitching in and making the Long Hauler award much more than just a plaque.  As fate turned out, both Long Haulers brought in great cars and we were lucky to have them.  Helping them out on expenses bodes well for encouraging folks to make the drive in again and to tell their friends.

Bob, Kenny, Jody, and possibly a few others landed some great door prizes.

Thanks to D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines, everyone got dash plaques.  This is a pretty big expense and it was something Larry and Dallas wanted to do for everyone in the club.  If you did not get a dash plaque let me know...I plan to get the leftovers to D&L early this week.

Jamie moved more chairs than anyone could imagine while I set up tables.  We stuck them in a storage closet and without her help we would have missed out on the downhill entry video.

Gaye was nice enough to assist in registration and did a great job helping folks get set-up with what they needed.

Belden lined up the sound system through his friends and they made it possible to have the outdoor PA suffice very well for announcements and awards.

Speaking of awards, thanks to the following folks for sponsoring an award, or multiple awards: jdr2483, photo_nut, B5R/T, TexasMopars, blcd74, moparman63, ABC Racing (Alex and Blaine), Mondini Automotive, D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines, Canon, TexasStroker, 6speedtitaniumr/t, hotrod_340, Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars Magazine, GPMM, and AAM.

A real treat for everyone was having Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars Magazine on hand.  If you were at the show you likely got 2 recent issues, some promotional items, and a good idea of what the magazine is all about and how supportive they are of Mopar events.  You can learn more and subscribe here:

An unsung hero on the afternoon was Rei...Kyle's wife (Bill's daughter-in-law).  She did an excellent job policing the pavilion and was in beast mode when it came time to clean-up.  She tackled the bathrooms like she was polishing Ruby...That was the least desirable of any task on the day and she took it out with no issue and left things in better shape than when we first unlocked the doors.

Between Bill, Bob, Jamie, Kyle, Rei, and Ryan the entire pavilion was cleaned up in record time.  Coach Moose, who had to come in late due to work Saturday morning, even made a point to stay and help out! The park was very sorry about all the "random" people that came in, and out, through the event.  They said it was a common problem and they were working on how to resolve it.  Jamie and I stuck around and tracked down Bernice.  We had her walk through the pavilion and she passed it with flying colors.  She also wanted to thank everyone for coming out and to tell everyone how much they enjoy getting to see all the cars come into the canyon.

There were a lot of great cars and we encourage anyone who took pictures or video to post up and share your shots!  I expect over the coming days you will see some pretty cool stuff posted.

Turnout wasn't as high as last year, which was truly phenomenal.  That said, no successful event is measured solely upon car is better measured by the quality of cars, the character of the people, and the resultant fun factor of those two variables.  We were fortunate to have great cars and even better people.  With more members stepping up to help with the pavilion, increase the awards, and help with all other aspects Chryslers in the Canyon IV was another great time.

I know a lot of people like to give me credit for this, but the success of anything of this nature is solely dependent on the people that come out and share in the same vision.  We've truly got the best members and platform to work from...the good time is the product of everyone helping and turning out with the same common goal.  As far as  I know everyone left with pictures, new friends, memories, and a smile...that speaks volumes for all involved.

So thank YOU for helping make Chryslers in the Canyon IV a great time for all!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Awards List

This year we have really upped the ante with 24 Awards, including Best Classic Mopar and Best Modern Mopar from Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars Magazine!  Also in the mix are awards from D&L Racing Engines, Mondini Automotive, and Lone Star Mopars.

Remember, we base our awards on anticipated turnout...this is why it is critical that you pre-register.  If we get an influx of A-Bodies this year, you can expect to see them sectioned off accordingly next year.

That said, let's take a look at this year's impressive line-up:

AAM Pick Best of Show 

AAM Pick Best Muscle Mopar 

AAM Pick Best Modern Mopar 

AAM Pick Best Truck 

Park Ranger's Pick 

Long Hauler 

Best Classic Mopar (Chrysler Power & Performance Mopars Magazine)

Best Modern Mopar (Chrysler Power & Performance Mopars Magazine)

Best Pre-65 Mopar 

Best A-Body 

Best B-Body 

Best E-Body 

Mondini Automotive Best Paint and Body 

D&L Automotive Machine & Race Engines Best Engine 

Founder's Pick 

Lone Star Mopars' Pick 

Canon's Pick 

Best of Show New Challenger Stock 

Best of Show New Challenger Modified 

Garnier Albus Memorial Challenger Award 

Jon Wolfe Memorial Restomod Award 

Martin M Blues Man Award 

The Forgotten Mopars 1975-1992 Best of Class In Memory of: The Forgotten Warriors: Us Military, 1973-1991 

Most Photogenic Mopar 

As you can see...with 24 awards we have really ratcheted up the hardware output.  Chryslers in the Canyon IV will be covered in Chrysler Power Magazine, Lone Star Mopars, and will have pictures and videos that you will likely see on all places Mopar across the internet.

CIC is truly a grass-roots event.  We have kept the emphasis on FUN, the price at a minimum, and eliminated all the bs and redtape you find at most car shows.  The result is a great time and once you attend, you will pen it in as an annual event.

We do ask that winners stick around a little while after the awards ceremony so we can have Della snap pictures of you, your Mopar, and your new hardware.  It won't take long and it forever cements the memory and milestone for you and your Mopar.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV: Agenda

Well we are less than one week out until Chryslers in the Canyon IV!  The following should help everyone have an idea of what to expect and help you enjoy the show as much as possible.

1.  We will meet up at the First United Bank Center/West Texas A&M Events Center located at 3301 4th Avenue in Canyon, Texas (79015) around 10 AM....the earlier the better!

2.  CIC Staff will begin dispatching cars in small groups as soon as there is a decent sized group.  This means if we get a slew of 68-70 B-Bodies at 9:45 we will send them on their way.  Similarly, if by 10:15 AM we have a string of 20 late model Challengers they will be sent on their way.

3.  The drive is straight forward.  You literally leave the Events Center making a left onto 4th Avenue (State Highway 217) and drive east. The road ends at the gate to Palo Duro Canyon.

4.  We are sending out similar cars (ie 68-70 B-Bodies, 70-76 A-Bodies, and 2008+ Challengers) in groups to help facilitate parking.  Our goal is to have the cars parked (as best we can) by year/make/model.  In general, if your show car is a 70 Charger R/T SE you probably want to be parked by other 68-70 Chargers, 66-74 Chargers, or 66-74 Coronets, Satellites, Roadrunners etc.

If you get down to the lot and see a string of cars close to yours...park with them!

This makes the show more photogenic, easier to navigate, and generally more enjoyable for attendees.

5.  We will do our best to send older cars in smaller groups to compensate for any heat issues.  In all honesty, things were pretty seamless last year.  The park is going to try and have both gates open to speed things up for us and I do not envision any issues.

6.  The best thing you can do to help keep things moving fast at the gate is to have your $5 per person ready to go, as well as knowing your license plate number.

7.  Once you are thru the gate, you simply drive straight down the only road you see...

8.  I will be set-up to shoot a downhill video.  These look great, show off your Mopar, and help promote Chryslers in the Canyon.  I'll likely be the only person standing on a steep incline with a tripod.  Feel free to sound off with your exhaust, horn, or dangle blue ovals and bowties from ropes off your back bumper.

9.  Shortly after passing my filming spot, the road will flatten out and you will see the brand new Mack Dick Pavilion.  This is located right across the street from our usual location.  This will be on the left hand side and you should be able to spot all the Mopars.

10. As mentioned, when you enter the lot try and do your best to park with similar cars.  We should have staff on site to help, but if not, we trust you to do your best.

11.  Registration.  This one is going to be pretty simple.  When you walk in the pavilion you will likely be greeted by a table.  We have dashcards that you need to fill out and place on your dash, and a guest book for you to sign in.  The guest book is important because it will let us keep record of how many cars come in, what they are, and more importantly have contact info to put you on a mailing list for Chryslers in the Canyon V.

12.  If you do not register, you will not be eligible to win an award and you will not receive a dash plaque.  Cruel, maybe, but there is no reason not to register.  The show is FREE.  We do not spam mail, and you have a chance to get one of the D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines Dash Plaques and win an award.  No one wants to have to track down the owner of a killer Mopar to get their name and info on the car, thus tipping the owner off they have won an award.

13.  T-Shirts.  If you want an official Chryslers in the Canyon IV T-Shirt Wayne from Bubba's Tees will be on hand to print them off on site.  Just tell him the color and size.  If you don't have cash on hand, or buy a shirt and trash it with bbq sauce, you can order one at any time from his website.

14.  Enjoy.  Between the time you register and the time awards go out we want you to have fun.  Check out all the cars, talk to people, get ideas for mods or resto work, and just have a good time.

15.  Della Moyer Photography.  Della, our pro-photographer, will once again be on hand.  She will be freelancing taking pics as she sees fit.  If you want a certain angle, family shot with your Mopar, or simply a picture against the canyon wall just let her know.  She will be the lady with the giant camera...can't miss her.  Her photos are amazing and you will not be disappointed.

16. Dash Plaques.  As the show progresses, staff will make the rounds with random giveaways, a few surprises, and dash plaques.  For those of you that pre-registered you will be getting a dash plaque.  After that we will simply get them out to those that registered.

17. Awards.  We will get the awards out as soon as possible, but at the latest this will be 3 PM.  The awards will be presented in the Mack Dick Pavilion to take advantage of their sound system.

18. Award Pictures.  *If you win an award, we ask that you stay around and let Della take your picture with your car an the award.  This will be posted to the AAM Forum and Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine.  You don't have to do it, but we strongly suggest it and can't post the pics if you split.

19.  Group Pictures.  If anyone at all is interested and sticks around past the Award Pictures, we might try to stage a few group shots.  These will be used to commemorate the attendees, promote Chryslers in the Canyon, and might even wind up somewhere special.

20. Post Event Dinner.  We know a lot of you coming in from out-of-town will either want to hit the road and get home, or grab a bite to eat.  During the show I encourage you to ask around and see what everyone else is planning.  If you want Italian, try and find some local folks to get their take, directions, or if you get lucky maybe even a lead car to take you there.

21. Thanks!  Yep, that's right...thanks! Without you attending Chryslers in the Canyon the event wouldn't be as great as it is.  We sincerely appreciate everyone making the trip out to join us and strive to make improvements to the event each year.  Shortly after the event you should start to see members posting winners, pictures, videos and more.  Della slaves away and gets the pics up ASAP.  If you take time to register in the guest book, I will have your e-mail and you will get the link to her pics as soon as it goes live.

In the following days you'll see more picture and videos as people have time to post them.  Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine will be higlighting the event and if you like something in-print, you'll be glad to know (if you didn't already) that Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars will be on site not only to cover the event, but to select 2 Winners for special awards.  You just might also see your car somewhere on the pages.

Kenny will be on site with some Chrysler Power magazines and can set you up with a subscription as well.

We are just 6 days out from Chryslers in the Canyon IV and are excited to see who comes out and what all Mopars show up.  This is a true grass-roots event  that eliminates the redtape and bs from most car shows and puts the focus on fun.  We think if you make the trip down to attend CIC you will put it on your calendar as an annual event.

We look forward to seeing you and please don't hesitate to ask any questions,

Founder, Amarillo Area Mopars

Car Washes

For those of you coming in from out-of-town, a popular question is, "Where are car washes at?"  Well, hopefully this will help you out:

Car Washes in Canyon, Texas

Here is a list and map of car washes in Canyon:

AutoMax Car Wash:

The AutoMax Car Wash is probably the nicest "self" wash in Canyon.  The others are a little on the old side of the equation.

Automated Car Wash:

If you want an automated car wash, your only option in Canyon is to head to the corner of 5th Avenue and 23rd Street.  You will see a Wendy's on the East side of the road and the car wash is across the street and behind the Tea Factory.

Palo Duro Carwash:

Car Spa:

Car Washes in Amarillo, Texas

Here is a list and map of car washes in Amarillo:

If you want an automated car wash, Zips off 45th and Bell is likely the quickest.  If you are bringing kids, they might enjoy Quick Quack.  Most of the Toot'N'Totum locations do a nice job as well.

As for hand washes in Amarillo the AutoMax at Bell & Hillside is a pretty  good car wash.

For those staying at the host hotels, these are nearby:

1710 S. Western

3400 45th Avenue

4604 45th Avenue

And just to help you get from the car wash to the First United Bank Center, here is a link to that map:

You can come in on the left hand side and click "Directions."  This will let you enter your location and provide you a map and directions on how to get to the First United Bank Center (West Texas A&M University Events Center).

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Days Until Chryslers in the Canyon IV

That's right folks..we are just 10 calendars days out from Chryslers in the Canyon IV!

Make your plans to attend now...

100% Mopar


Car Show

Pictures in the canyon

We will once again be shooting a down hill video so make sure to roll in to get your car featured

Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars will be on hand with 2 Awards

Over 20+ Award for this Year's Event!

Come see why Amarillo Area Mopars is genuinely hated by ford, chevy, and the rest of the brand-x camp...All we do is Mopar, and we do it right!

Feel free to pre-register as well:

Friday, September 14, 2012

One Month Until Chryslers in the Canyon IV

We are just one month away from Chryslers in the Canyon IV!!

If you have not done so, please pre-register in the following thread:

If you are not on the forum, you can send in an e-mail.

To mark the occasion and to help bring more folks into what is sure to be a great time...Here is the latest flyer that reflects several upgrades in the last few weeks:

Don't forget you can pre-order your CIC IV Event Shirts here:

Again, please spread the word and remember to pre-register if you have not!  We are closing in on a great time for all!  More info to come shortly including the Official Awards List!