Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Della's Pictures from Chryslers in the Canyon V

Well, the moment you have all waited for is here!

Della took a TON of pictures this year and 1,144 of them are up on her SmugMug Site.

You can find the pictures here:


You can scroll through the pictures, and when you find one you want simply click the "Add to Cart" Button and select from your size and print options.

SmugMug prints very nice photos, the prices are right, and the shipping time is very quick.

Once again, Della does all of this free-of-charge at the show.  It is a lot of work just snapping a thousand plus pictures, let alone having to then go home and edit/upload them within 3 days time.

She has a great time in the canyon, enjoys seeing all the cars, and loves visiting, but getting purchasing her prints is really the ultimate way to say thanks.  Even if you just buy prints of your car, I'm sure it would be much appreciated.  Make sure to scroll through all the pics to not only relive the event, but look for some different angles, Winner's Pics, and maybe even a few aerial shots.

We hope that you truly had a great time at Chryslers in the Canyon V.  It remains a true, grassroots event and the people like Della, who sacrifice their personal time to help make it even better are the people we need to take care of...For those of you first timers and from out-of-the-area, I'm sure after being in the canyon you agree that this is truly the best setting and backdrop you've ever had for a car show.

Della's pictures take advantage of the setting and your presence with a show stopping Mopar to create what should be one of the best pictures you have of your Mopar.

Enjoy the pictures!  And for those of you that missed out on the show, we hope all the pictures and videos help make you realize what you missed out on and encourage you to come back for Chryslers in the Canyon VI.

A big thanks once again to Della for making this happen!  If you would like to contact Della about shooting your event, or if you have any special requests, you can contact her via e-mail: dellamoyer@yahoo.com

Enjoy browsing and once more, thanks to Della for continuing to attend Chryslers in the Canyon and making it special for everyone with her great pictures!  The Award Winners will be posted soon if you need more examples of her stellar work!  Stay tuned!

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