Friday, January 2, 2015

Chryslers in the Canyon 7 Flyer

Here is the official flyer for Chryslers in the Canyon 7!  We will update it as things progress.

You can help us out by pre-registering for the event...It will help us with classes, awards, and parking.  Just take this link and fill out the form!

CIC 7 Pre-Registration

Check back regularly for updates...

You can also keep up with all things CIC by way of the following links:

Amarillo Area Mopars Forum:

AAM on Twitter:!/AmarilloMopars

AAM on Facebook:

CIC 7 Facebook Event Page:

AAM YouTube:


  1. Do Not Let the Cancelation of the CIC 7 Get you Down!! Nothing to do On October 10th!! Come to Thompson Park Lot 14 It will park about 200 cars, Lets Fill it with Mopars!!!
    Mopar Family Gathering
    Presented by Bill & Rei Pittman and a bunch more Mopar lovers that wanted to help

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