Sunday, April 8, 2012

About Chryslers in the Canyon

Chryslers in the Canyon is a true, one-off car show that you will not find anywhere else.  An All Mopar Show, Chryslers in the Canyon takes place every 3rd Saturday in October.

Unlike most shows where you gather up in a parking lot bordering a strip mall, Chryslers in the Canyon takes place in beautiful Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  Instead of having Payless Shoes in the background of your picture, you have weathered rock surrounding you.  This creates the environment for once of a lifetime pictures...every time you attend!

The other thing is the process.  Chryslers in the Canyon keeps things simple.  We want you to have a great time and we hope that you will continue to attend.  To help increases those odds we keep entry fees to a minimum.  Oh, and we get you in the park with a group rate admission that sets you back $2 per adult.  So, worse come to worse, you can get into the park and save over the usual admission price...not a bad start, eh?

We currently do not charge an entry fee associated with the show (if we could get into the canyon for free we'd do so, lol).  If we do ever opt to charge an entry fee it won't be more than $10.  That is a me another ALL MOPAR SHOW that doesn't rake you over the coals.  Just last year in Las Vegas I had to pay $75 to get into MATS...and I didn't have a car with me.  Anymore you can't enter the local, generic shows for less than $20.

We are not in this for money, we want YOU to have a great time.  Chryslers in the Canyon is ALL MOPAR and we have cars from 1930s rods, 50s and 60s cruisers, 60s-70s Muscle Cars, K-Cars from the 80s, trucks from all eras, and late models from Challengers, Vipers, Magnums, Neons, PT Cruisers and Chargers.  You will truly be hard pressed to find a better assortment of Mopars with friendlier people.

Just this past year we had a 69 HEMI Daytona, a 1970 Plymouth Superbird, 2 AAR 'Cudas, a Challenger T/A, and full assortment of stud A, B, and E-body cars...not to mention a large gathering of late model Challengers.

The way things typically goes, someone is talked into coming, or finds info on the show and decides to give it a go...They wind up having such a great time that they return next year, but bring a friend or two with them.  This is exactly how something grassroots should grow and we could not be happier about it.

Each year we have increased the awards, primarily to match our increased attendance.  We really do tailor the awards to match attendance.  If we continue to have so many 68-70 B-Bodies we will make a class for them...then subdivide by model if needed.  Should the A-Body guys continue to pile in we will divide by years and models.  Similarly if we get word 20 Vipers are going to snake their way into the canyon we will make the adjustments.

We have been lucky enough to have a member pick up the tab on brisket the last two years...brisket to feed everyone in attendance.  This is a big undertaking and we are looking into options to continue that trend this year.  We might wind up with a catering outfit, or just get back to CIC I origins and make it a "Bring Your Own Food."

This past year, we had so many out-of-towners, we incorporated a dinner at the world famous Big Texan Steak House.  We plan to continue this trend and for the folks that come in Friday night we usually plan a dinner somewhere close to the host hotel.

For those staying longer, we will have a chance to run down the track at Amarillo Dragway.  Should we get enough interest we might make this MAAD (Mopars at Amarillo Dragway) event and put out awards or cash up for grabs.

We always make sure to land the best rates at a local hotel to make your stay as affordable as possible.

Should folks come in earlier or stay later, we will do our best to keep you busy and have a great time.

Chryslers in the Canyon is truly a Mopar Event.  We might not register on the big radar and we might not charge $75 or more like most shows, but we think you'll enjoy the change of pace.  Our goal is to keep things simple, as close to free as possible, and make sure the emphasis stays on fun.

If you are interested in attending Chryslers in the Canyon we invite you to e-mail us, leave a comment here, or sign up on the AAM Forum.  You can find pictures and videos from past events on this site and across the internet.

We look forward to meeting you, checking out your Mopars, showing you a good time, and seeing you return every year.

Founder, Amarillo Area Mopars

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