Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV: Agenda

Well we are less than one week out until Chryslers in the Canyon IV!  The following should help everyone have an idea of what to expect and help you enjoy the show as much as possible.

1.  We will meet up at the First United Bank Center/West Texas A&M Events Center located at 3301 4th Avenue in Canyon, Texas (79015) around 10 AM....the earlier the better!

2.  CIC Staff will begin dispatching cars in small groups as soon as there is a decent sized group.  This means if we get a slew of 68-70 B-Bodies at 9:45 we will send them on their way.  Similarly, if by 10:15 AM we have a string of 20 late model Challengers they will be sent on their way.

3.  The drive is straight forward.  You literally leave the Events Center making a left onto 4th Avenue (State Highway 217) and drive east. The road ends at the gate to Palo Duro Canyon.

4.  We are sending out similar cars (ie 68-70 B-Bodies, 70-76 A-Bodies, and 2008+ Challengers) in groups to help facilitate parking.  Our goal is to have the cars parked (as best we can) by year/make/model.  In general, if your show car is a 70 Charger R/T SE you probably want to be parked by other 68-70 Chargers, 66-74 Chargers, or 66-74 Coronets, Satellites, Roadrunners etc.

If you get down to the lot and see a string of cars close to yours...park with them!

This makes the show more photogenic, easier to navigate, and generally more enjoyable for attendees.

5.  We will do our best to send older cars in smaller groups to compensate for any heat issues.  In all honesty, things were pretty seamless last year.  The park is going to try and have both gates open to speed things up for us and I do not envision any issues.

6.  The best thing you can do to help keep things moving fast at the gate is to have your $5 per person ready to go, as well as knowing your license plate number.

7.  Once you are thru the gate, you simply drive straight down the only road you see...

8.  I will be set-up to shoot a downhill video.  These look great, show off your Mopar, and help promote Chryslers in the Canyon.  I'll likely be the only person standing on a steep incline with a tripod.  Feel free to sound off with your exhaust, horn, or dangle blue ovals and bowties from ropes off your back bumper.

9.  Shortly after passing my filming spot, the road will flatten out and you will see the brand new Mack Dick Pavilion.  This is located right across the street from our usual location.  This will be on the left hand side and you should be able to spot all the Mopars.

10. As mentioned, when you enter the lot try and do your best to park with similar cars.  We should have staff on site to help, but if not, we trust you to do your best.

11.  Registration.  This one is going to be pretty simple.  When you walk in the pavilion you will likely be greeted by a table.  We have dashcards that you need to fill out and place on your dash, and a guest book for you to sign in.  The guest book is important because it will let us keep record of how many cars come in, what they are, and more importantly have contact info to put you on a mailing list for Chryslers in the Canyon V.

12.  If you do not register, you will not be eligible to win an award and you will not receive a dash plaque.  Cruel, maybe, but there is no reason not to register.  The show is FREE.  We do not spam mail, and you have a chance to get one of the D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines Dash Plaques and win an award.  No one wants to have to track down the owner of a killer Mopar to get their name and info on the car, thus tipping the owner off they have won an award.

13.  T-Shirts.  If you want an official Chryslers in the Canyon IV T-Shirt Wayne from Bubba's Tees will be on hand to print them off on site.  Just tell him the color and size.  If you don't have cash on hand, or buy a shirt and trash it with bbq sauce, you can order one at any time from his website.

14.  Enjoy.  Between the time you register and the time awards go out we want you to have fun.  Check out all the cars, talk to people, get ideas for mods or resto work, and just have a good time.

15.  Della Moyer Photography.  Della, our pro-photographer, will once again be on hand.  She will be freelancing taking pics as she sees fit.  If you want a certain angle, family shot with your Mopar, or simply a picture against the canyon wall just let her know.  She will be the lady with the giant camera...can't miss her.  Her photos are amazing and you will not be disappointed.

16. Dash Plaques.  As the show progresses, staff will make the rounds with random giveaways, a few surprises, and dash plaques.  For those of you that pre-registered you will be getting a dash plaque.  After that we will simply get them out to those that registered.

17. Awards.  We will get the awards out as soon as possible, but at the latest this will be 3 PM.  The awards will be presented in the Mack Dick Pavilion to take advantage of their sound system.

18. Award Pictures.  *If you win an award, we ask that you stay around and let Della take your picture with your car an the award.  This will be posted to the AAM Forum and Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine.  You don't have to do it, but we strongly suggest it and can't post the pics if you split.

19.  Group Pictures.  If anyone at all is interested and sticks around past the Award Pictures, we might try to stage a few group shots.  These will be used to commemorate the attendees, promote Chryslers in the Canyon, and might even wind up somewhere special.

20. Post Event Dinner.  We know a lot of you coming in from out-of-town will either want to hit the road and get home, or grab a bite to eat.  During the show I encourage you to ask around and see what everyone else is planning.  If you want Italian, try and find some local folks to get their take, directions, or if you get lucky maybe even a lead car to take you there.

21. Thanks!  Yep, that's right...thanks! Without you attending Chryslers in the Canyon the event wouldn't be as great as it is.  We sincerely appreciate everyone making the trip out to join us and strive to make improvements to the event each year.  Shortly after the event you should start to see members posting winners, pictures, videos and more.  Della slaves away and gets the pics up ASAP.  If you take time to register in the guest book, I will have your e-mail and you will get the link to her pics as soon as it goes live.

In the following days you'll see more picture and videos as people have time to post them.  Lone Star Mopars Online Magazine will be higlighting the event and if you like something in-print, you'll be glad to know (if you didn't already) that Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars will be on site not only to cover the event, but to select 2 Winners for special awards.  You just might also see your car somewhere on the pages.

Kenny will be on site with some Chrysler Power magazines and can set you up with a subscription as well.

We are just 6 days out from Chryslers in the Canyon IV and are excited to see who comes out and what all Mopars show up.  This is a true grass-roots event  that eliminates the redtape and bs from most car shows and puts the focus on fun.  We think if you make the trip down to attend CIC you will put it on your calendar as an annual event.

We look forward to seeing you and please don't hesitate to ask any questions,

Founder, Amarillo Area Mopars

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