Sunday, October 14, 2012

CIC IV Post Event Wrap-Up

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the show was a great time and aside from the occasional gust it turned out to be a very nice day.

We had folks from all over the region and a big thanks to anyone who made the trip in from out-of-town.

Wayne was there bright and early and if you missed him, or want extra shirts here is the link to his site:

Della took a ton of pics and as usual worked overtime to get them all uploaded for your viewing and ordering enjoyment:!i=2150866232&k=prvtHfg

Please keep in mind that Della come out to the canyon and takes all those pictures for FREE.  She sees nothing in terms of money unless people order in pictures.  So if you see something you like, please consider ordering it in from her store.  I have ordered in the past and the prints are great quality, are packed well, and ship fast.  For your future reference here is a forum post that shows not only the link to this year's photos ,but those from previous events as well:

We were aware of the WT Homecoming Parade, but never dreamed they wouldn't allow the cars onto the unused portions of the lot...especially when they look like they could be parade rides etc.

The park staff was once again very supportive on the show and really enjoys having us come out...testament to that is the fact they fought to get us in for $3 instead of $5.  It was news to me when we checked in and although not what we had planned for, it was a step in the right direction.

The pavilion was super nice and all we heard were good things.  I think the outdoor space was appreciated very much as were the restrooms.  We had several members pitch in to help reserve the pavilion and they all deserve our thanks: blcd74, photo_nut, hotrod_340, jdr2483, TexasStroker, LPL70, B5R/T, gfviperman, and moparman63.

Also thanks to Jody (jdr2483) and an anonymous donor for really pitching in and making the Long Hauler award much more than just a plaque.  As fate turned out, both Long Haulers brought in great cars and we were lucky to have them.  Helping them out on expenses bodes well for encouraging folks to make the drive in again and to tell their friends.

Bob, Kenny, Jody, and possibly a few others landed some great door prizes.

Thanks to D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines, everyone got dash plaques.  This is a pretty big expense and it was something Larry and Dallas wanted to do for everyone in the club.  If you did not get a dash plaque let me know...I plan to get the leftovers to D&L early this week.

Jamie moved more chairs than anyone could imagine while I set up tables.  We stuck them in a storage closet and without her help we would have missed out on the downhill entry video.

Gaye was nice enough to assist in registration and did a great job helping folks get set-up with what they needed.

Belden lined up the sound system through his friends and they made it possible to have the outdoor PA suffice very well for announcements and awards.

Speaking of awards, thanks to the following folks for sponsoring an award, or multiple awards: jdr2483, photo_nut, B5R/T, TexasMopars, blcd74, moparman63, ABC Racing (Alex and Blaine), Mondini Automotive, D&L Automotive Machine and Race Engines, Canon, TexasStroker, 6speedtitaniumr/t, hotrod_340, Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars Magazine, GPMM, and AAM.

A real treat for everyone was having Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars Magazine on hand.  If you were at the show you likely got 2 recent issues, some promotional items, and a good idea of what the magazine is all about and how supportive they are of Mopar events.  You can learn more and subscribe here:

An unsung hero on the afternoon was Rei...Kyle's wife (Bill's daughter-in-law).  She did an excellent job policing the pavilion and was in beast mode when it came time to clean-up.  She tackled the bathrooms like she was polishing Ruby...That was the least desirable of any task on the day and she took it out with no issue and left things in better shape than when we first unlocked the doors.

Between Bill, Bob, Jamie, Kyle, Rei, and Ryan the entire pavilion was cleaned up in record time.  Coach Moose, who had to come in late due to work Saturday morning, even made a point to stay and help out! The park was very sorry about all the "random" people that came in, and out, through the event.  They said it was a common problem and they were working on how to resolve it.  Jamie and I stuck around and tracked down Bernice.  We had her walk through the pavilion and she passed it with flying colors.  She also wanted to thank everyone for coming out and to tell everyone how much they enjoy getting to see all the cars come into the canyon.

There were a lot of great cars and we encourage anyone who took pictures or video to post up and share your shots!  I expect over the coming days you will see some pretty cool stuff posted.

Turnout wasn't as high as last year, which was truly phenomenal.  That said, no successful event is measured solely upon car is better measured by the quality of cars, the character of the people, and the resultant fun factor of those two variables.  We were fortunate to have great cars and even better people.  With more members stepping up to help with the pavilion, increase the awards, and help with all other aspects Chryslers in the Canyon IV was another great time.

I know a lot of people like to give me credit for this, but the success of anything of this nature is solely dependent on the people that come out and share in the same vision.  We've truly got the best members and platform to work from...the good time is the product of everyone helping and turning out with the same common goal.  As far as  I know everyone left with pictures, new friends, memories, and a smile...that speaks volumes for all involved.

So thank YOU for helping make Chryslers in the Canyon IV a great time for all!

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