Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chryslers in the Canyon IV Awards List

This year we have really upped the ante with 24 Awards, including Best Classic Mopar and Best Modern Mopar from Chrysler Power and Performance Mopars Magazine!  Also in the mix are awards from D&L Racing Engines, Mondini Automotive, and Lone Star Mopars.

Remember, we base our awards on anticipated turnout...this is why it is critical that you pre-register.  If we get an influx of A-Bodies this year, you can expect to see them sectioned off accordingly next year.

That said, let's take a look at this year's impressive line-up:

AAM Pick Best of Show 

AAM Pick Best Muscle Mopar 

AAM Pick Best Modern Mopar 

AAM Pick Best Truck 

Park Ranger's Pick 

Long Hauler 

Best Classic Mopar (Chrysler Power & Performance Mopars Magazine)

Best Modern Mopar (Chrysler Power & Performance Mopars Magazine)

Best Pre-65 Mopar 

Best A-Body 

Best B-Body 

Best E-Body 

Mondini Automotive Best Paint and Body 

D&L Automotive Machine & Race Engines Best Engine 

Founder's Pick 

Lone Star Mopars' Pick 

Canon's Pick 

Best of Show New Challenger Stock 

Best of Show New Challenger Modified 

Garnier Albus Memorial Challenger Award 

Jon Wolfe Memorial Restomod Award 

Martin M Blues Man Award 

The Forgotten Mopars 1975-1992 Best of Class In Memory of: The Forgotten Warriors: Us Military, 1973-1991 

Most Photogenic Mopar 

As you can see...with 24 awards we have really ratcheted up the hardware output.  Chryslers in the Canyon IV will be covered in Chrysler Power Magazine, Lone Star Mopars, and will have pictures and videos that you will likely see on all places Mopar across the internet.

CIC is truly a grass-roots event.  We have kept the emphasis on FUN, the price at a minimum, and eliminated all the bs and redtape you find at most car shows.  The result is a great time and once you attend, you will pen it in as an annual event.

We do ask that winners stick around a little while after the awards ceremony so we can have Della snap pictures of you, your Mopar, and your new hardware.  It won't take long and it forever cements the memory and milestone for you and your Mopar.

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